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past perfect continuous tense rule & Examples

            rules of past perfect continuous tense Past Perfect Tense With Rules & Examples All Sentence - Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative, Interrogative Words by Examples and Rules. past perfect continuous tense rule & Examples Past Perfect Continuous Tense Rules Affirmative - Sub+had+been+v1(+ing)+since/for+time. Negative -     Sub+had+not+been+v1(+ing)+since/for+time. Interrogative-Had+sub+been+v1(+ing)+since/for+time+? Interrogative words - Wh_questions+had+sub+been+v1(+ing)+since/for+time+? Past Perfect Continuous Tense Examples He had been writing for 20 minutes. He had not been writing for 20 minutes. Had he been writing for 20 minutes? Why had he been writing for 20 minutes? you had been fighting for half hour. they had been playing since Sunday. you and I had been preparing the exam for six months. she had been trying to fly since 2019. You had been calling to Laxman for 2 minutes. Since when had been they trying to get?  Video For Past Perfect Continuous Tense  
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Chart Of Tenses Rules And Examples

                                                          Type Of Tense  Normally Tense type 3...( chart of tenses  rule, examples) Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense Present Tense - Present tense denote presented facts, habit  and routine . ( Chart Of Tenses ) Example of present tense- She Goes to school. He runs daily. you do not know how to drive a car. Do you know me ? when do you go to schoo ? they have completed own work. you have been runing for 2 days. she have been working since 12:22 PM. you are going to school ? he is going to lucknow ? She is walking in Deoria ? have you done this ?         2.  Past Tense-  Past Indefinite Tense denote facts, routin, habit in past... Example- did you know ? she did not rich . she went to school. he had gone deoria . had she read the book ? Mark Zuckerburg had been handling facebook since 2004.      3. Future Tense  - future tense represenrt future time .. example- I will build website . I will be a BusinessMen/BusinessWomen I will be wor

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