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Chart Of Tenses Rules And Examples

                                                          Type Of Tense  Normally Tense type 3...( chart of tenses  rule, examples) Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense Present Tense - Present tense denote presented facts, habit  and routine . ( Chart Of Tenses ) Example of present tense- She Goes to school. He runs daily. you do not know how to drive a car. Do you know me ? when do you go to schoo ? they have completed own work. you have been runing for 2 days. she have been working since 12:22 PM. you are going to school ? he is going to lucknow ? She is walking in Deoria ? have you done this ?         2.  Past Tense-  Past Indefinite Tense denote facts, routin, habit in past... Example- did you know ? she did not rich . she went to school. he had gone deoria . had she read the book ? Mark Zuckerburg had been handling facebook since 2004.      3. Future Tense  - future tense represenrt future time .. example- I will build website . I will be a BusinessMen/BusinessWomen I will be wor